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Bottom Up Blinds (add-on cost per blind)

£75.00 £60.00

Bottom up blinds are sometimes referred to as upside down blinds, pull up blinds or reverse blinds. They work by rolling up from the bottom of the window to the top of the window using a tensioned pulley system. The blinds can be stopped at any desired point using a cleat. They are perfect for windows at street level or for bathroom windows where you want privacy without blocking the light.

The cords are attached to the 'bottom' bar on sliding mounts, so the width position of the cords can be adjusted to suit the window requirements. The metal bar comes in a brushed aluminium or gloss white finish, or as a fabric covered bar.

Our bottom up blinds are hand made and come with chrome metal acorns, white metal cleats for child safety, and white metal pulleys. Choose from either 'face fit' pulleys or 'top fit' pulleys, depending on whether the blind is being mounted inside or outside the window recess. 

All our roller blinds can be made into bottom up blinds but we recommend a maximum width of 175cm and a maximum drop/height of 200cm. If your window is larger than this, please contact us so that we can discuss the restrictions on this type of blind. To order a bottom up blind, simply choose the type of roller blind required (e.g. sunscreen, blackout, etc.) and then select the 'bottom up' option.

To measure your window for a bottom up blind, follow our Measuring Guide for Bottom Up Roller Blinds. If your window or sill is not level or straight, we recommend you fit the blind outside the recess.

Our bottom up blinds are easy to install and come with all the necessary parts. Download our fitting instructions for bottom up roller blinds here.

Key features

  • Tensioned pulley system to pull blind up from the bottom of the window
  • Sliding cord attachments for adjustable width positions
  • Ideal for creating privacy without blocking the light
  • High quality mechanism
  • Fixed price 'bottom up' option available on all our roller blinds 


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