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Cassette & Side Tracks
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Cassette & Side Tracks (add-on cost per blind)

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Maximum width x drop is 400cm x 300cm
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Key features

  • Top cassette and side tracks block light leakage around the roller blind
  • Effective in darkening a room where light presents a problem
  • Ideal for bedrooms, nurseries, home cinemas, photography studios and science laboratories
  • Easy to install


Product information

When total blackout is required, opt for top cassette and side tracks to your blackout roller blind.  

Made from steel, the top cassette houses the roller tube and mechanism and minimises light leakage around the top of the roller blind. The side tracks act as guide rails for the blind to roll through, ensuring there is no gap between the sides of the blind and the window. Brushes within the side tracks also minimise light leakage from the sides of the blind. 

Adding a top cassette and side tracks to your roller blind also helps to block draughts and prevent heat loss. 

Blackout roller blinds with cassette and side tracks are ideal for bedrooms, nurseries, home cinemas, photography studios and science laboratories. They are ideal for light sleepers and night workers, aiding restful sleep.

Easy to install, our cassettes are fitted with brackets that can be mounted to the wall or ceiling and the side tracks are simply screwed to the wall or window recess. A further optional track can be fitted at the bottom of the blind. 

The price shown is for the top cassette and side tracks as an add-on to your roller blind. It does not include the blind itself which needs to be ordered separately. 

If you have any questions about our top cassette and side tracks, please call us.

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