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Electric and Motorised Blinds

Motorised blinds are the ultimate in home automation and are also popular in commercial properties. There's a multitude of ways to control your electric blinds, from a remote control handset, smartphone or tablet, or by using Google Home or Alexa. You can power your electric blinds with rechargeable batteries, by transformer motors or they can be wired into the mains power. We use Somfy motors in all our motorised blinds.

With our selection of remote control blinds, you can enjoy comfort and privacy at the click of a button. Since you won’t be manually handling the blinds in your home, they’ll retain their appearance for longer and will operate more smoothly, which means your investment lasts longer. Plus, with remote handling, you can give the indication that the property is occupied even when no-one is home, helping to keep your property secure at all times. Our roller blinds come with the option to automate them, so you never need to get up from the comfort of your sofa or bed to close or open your blinds again. Motorised blinds are a convenient addition to your property, helping you control the light or temperature in the room from the push of a button, as well as enabling you to maintain your privacy at all times.


Integrated with Somfy’s TaHoma Home Automation System, you have the opportunity to connect your Somfy Smart Home devices with your Amazon Alexa or Echo so you have voice control over devices, including your blinds. This is a convenient feature that not only means you can open or close your blinds instantly, but it also means that if you’re away from home, you can still close the blinds in the evening ready for when you return or open them up the let in the light if you’re returning in the morning. From wall switches to remote controls, we offer a host of different technological options that can be connected to your blinds for that added bit of comfort in your property.


If you’re interested in installing motorised blinds in your home or for your business premises, why not get in touch with our team today? We can talk you through the options or you can browse our products online and place your order with ease.