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Electric and Motorised Blinds

Motorised blinds are the ultimate in home automation and are also popular in commercial properties. There's a multitude of ways to control your electric blinds, from a remote control handset, smartphone or tablet, or by using Google Home or Alexa. You can power your electric blinds with rechargeable batteries, by transformer motors or they can be wired into the mains power. We use Somfy motors in all our motorised blinds.

Why Choose Motorised Blinds?

Motorised blinds offer ultimate convenience in operating your blinds. Control your electric blinds at at touch of a button or use voice commands to ask Alexa or Google Home to operate your blinds. The benefits of electric blinds don't stop there though:

  • Customise your blinds to create personalised scenarios or enhance the security of your home and automate your blinds to go up or down while you're away.
  • Optimize the energy efficiency of your home or work environment by automating your blinds with the sun's movements and your daily schedule and reduce energy costs.
  • Create comfortable environments whether you're working or relaxing, and enhance the quality of your life.


Which Blinds Can Be Motorised?

Most of our venetian blinds can be motorised. Some of our metal Venetian, wood venetian and faux wood venetian blinds can be motorised with tilt and lift operation, while others can be motorised with tilt operation only - check for details on the specific product pages.

All our roller blinds can be made as electric blinds, including our Palette Blackout Roller Blinds with Cassette & Side Tracks.

All of our free hanging pleated blinds and tensioned pleated blinds can be motorised.

All Velux blinds can be motorised.


Which Motors Do You Use in Your Motorised Blinds?

We use Somfy motors in all our motorised blinds. Somfy are the world's largest manufacturer of motors for blinds.


How Do You Control Motorised Blinds?

There are several options to control your motorised blinds:

Remote Control Handset
We offer the Somfy Situo 1, Somfy Situo 5, Somfy Telis 6 and Somfy Telis 16 handsets which can control between 1 - 16 blinds.

Smart Wall Switch
The Somfy Smoove Origin Wall Switch is a battery powered, touch sensitive switch that does not require any disruption to your interior decor.

TaHoma Switch
This smart home hub works with WiFi and can be linked to Alexa or Google Home. If you're using the TaHoma Switch, you can download the Tahoma App to control your blinds from your smart phone. The hub can also be used a full home automation system to control other elements in your home like lighting and garage doors.


How Do You Power Motorised Blinds?

There are several ways to power your motorised blinds:

Rechargeable Lithium Battery
Simply recharge the battery by plugging the charging cable into the mains power, or opt to recharge the battery with a solar panel.

24V Transformer
Suitable for renovation and new-build projects and commercial applications where the mains power cable can be easily connected to the transformer. The transformer is intended to be hidden within the wall or ceiling or other suitable recess and can be located up 30m away from the motor.

Mains Power
Suitable for renovation and new-build projects and commercial applications where the motor can be wired to the mains power.