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Our virtual consultations are popular for being FREE, contactless and convenient. Get design and technical advice and be guided to take the right measurements by our expert advisor - all without actually visiting you!


" ...The online consultation was brilliant. The advisor was very knowledgeable and pointed out which types of blinds would suit my windows and where to measure. The blinds arrived quickly and putting them up was really straightforward. Thank you."

Meera, London  

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We'll then call you by FaceTime or WhatsApp video and you can show us your windows.

After discussing suitable blinds and where they should be fitted, we'll show you where exactly to measure. It's really easy - you'll just need a tape measure. We'll guide you through and note the measurements, all whilst connected in our video call.

Afterwards, we'll prepare a quote and email it to you within 24 hours. If you decide to go ahead, your blinds will be made and shipped to you. Our blinds are easy to fit, but we're also here to help if you have any problems.

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