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Pop On Screens - Sunscreen
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Pop On Screens - Sunscreen

from £84.00
Maximum width x drop is 350cm x 350cm
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Key features

  • Screens comprise sunscreen fabric with YKK 3M industrial strength self adhesive snap fasteners
  • Screens pop-on and pop-off window easily
  • Suitable for windows where conventional blinds won't work
  • Ideal for slim windows, overhanging windows, windows with roller shutters
  • Ideal for mobile homes, caravans and boats
  • Made to measure

Product information

Our Pop-on Sunscreen Screens are designed for windows where conventional blinds won't work. They can be used for slim windows, overhanging windows, windows with roller shutters, mobile homes, caravans and boats. They comprise of blackout blind fabric with YKK 3M self adhesive snap fasteners. The snap adhesive fasteners are super strong and maintain a low profile so that the screens add minimal depth to the window. Our Pop-on Sunscreen Screens are ideal for windows where the glass goes up to the mullion and where you want to avoid screwing into the mullion.

Installation is simple - clean the window surface; peel off the protective backing to the snap fastener; position and hold the snap fastener in place and wait 24 hours to allow the adhesive to set; then snap on the screen. There's no drilling and no need to make holes! To take off the screen, simply snap it off and store it away.

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