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Magnetic Hold Downs
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Magnetic Hold Downs for Roller Blinds


Sometimes you want to have your window open and the blind down. The wind can make the blind rattle against the window frame which can be quite annoying. Magnetic Hold Downs are our solution to this problem!

The Magnetic Hold Downs consist of magnets which are fitted to the bottom of the blind and the wall or window frame. The magnets simply attract to each other, holding the bottom of the blind in place.

We supply you with the following parts:

  • Two small but very strong neodymium magnets (with screws) which are to be fitted to the rear of the blind at each end of the bottom bar.
  • Two small steel discs (with screws) which are to be fitted to the wall or window frame at your chosen position.
  • A Heller HSS drill bit for fitting the magnets to the bottom bar. (You will need to drill a hole in the back of the bottom bar, to fit the magnets securely.)

The Magnetic Hold Downs are designed for use with our roller blinds. However, if you have blinds from another manufacturer they may still work. You'll need to check there is a suitable place on the rear of the bottom bar for these to be fitted and to check that the bottom bar can take the strain of the strong magnets.

All our roller blinds come with the option to have Magnetic Hold Downs fitted for the additional cost of £7.50.

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