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Extension Brackets
roller blind 32mm extension brackets
roller blind 40mm extension brackets

Roller Blind Extension Brackets - per pair


Metal extension brackets are available for all our roller blinds. 

They enable the roller blinds to hang further out from the window (3cm) to avoid obstructions such as window handles.

The brackets are 6cm wide x 9cm long and come with fully enclosed bracket covers.

Select from either 32mm or 40mm bracket size. This size refers to the diameter of the roller blind top tube and determines which size of mechanism has been fitted.

Note the 32mm bracket size (first image) has different brackets - one bracket is designed for the mechanism end of the roller blind and the other is designed for the plunger end of the roller blind. The 40mm bracket size (second image) has matching brackets - they are designed to fit either the mechanism or plunger end of the roller blind. 

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