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Transformer Powered Motor System - Somfy Sonesse 30 RTS

Transformer Powered Motor System - Somfy Sonesse 30 RTS

Remote control roller blinds are perfect for the modern automated home or office and are essential for out of reach windows. They are also useful for enhancing child safety by eliminating the need for chains. You can add this option to any of our roller blinds.

Transformer Powered Motor System

For more demanding requirements, such us large blinds or commercial applications, our transformer powered motor system is the right choice.

Our transformer powered motor system uses the Somfy Sonesse 30 System. This powerful motor system eliminates the needs for batteries and will operate roller blinds over 4 square metres with ease.  It is extremely quiet and smooth in operation and has fully programmable soft start and stop points. 

It comprises a 24 volt motor unit and radio receiver which are concealed within the tube of the roller blind. The motor is powered by a high quality transformer unit which is intended to be hidden within the wall or ceiling or other suitable recess and can be located up to 25m away from the blind. It is simple to install however installation should be carried out by a qualified electrician as it uses a 240 volt power supply. 

Our transformer motor system can be controlled by the Somfy Telis 1 or Telis 4 handsets (sold separately).

Main Features:

  • Remote control roller blinds powered by transformer motor system
  • Uses 240 volt power supply
  • Easy for qualified electrician to install
  • Operates blinds over 4 square metres with ease
  • Suitable for large or commercial blinds
  • Quiet and smooth operation
  • Allows control of blinds at the touch of a button