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Somfy Sonesse 30 24v Transformer Motor
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Somfy Sonesse 30 24v Transformer Motor

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The Somfy Sonesse 30 24V Transformer motor is most suited to renovation and new-build projects and commercial applications where the mains power cable can be easily connected to the transformer. The transformer is intended to be hidden within the wall or ceiling or other suitable recess and can be located up 30m away from the motor. The motor has a compact low profile making it easy to conceal within the top tube of the roller blind. The powerful lifting capacity means it can operate roller blinds up to 10m2 with ultra-quiet, smooth operation. It has adjustable speeds and has soft start/stop points.

For more information download our Somfy Motors Specification Comparison sheet and our Somfy Motors Options sheet.

All our roller blinds can be made as electric/motorised blinds. They are perfect for the modern automated home or office and are essential for out of reach windows. They are also useful for enhancing child safety by eliminating the need for chains.

To order a motorised blind, simply choose the type of roller blind required (e.g. sunscreen, blackout, etc.) and then select the desired motor under the 'Motorised Blind' option. Remote controls for your motorised blinds are sold separately.


Main Features

  • Transformer powered motor concealed within top tube of roller blind
  • Capable of operating roller blinds up to 10m2
  • Easy for qualified electrician to install
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Soft start/stop points
  • Adjustable speed
  • Compatible with Somfy remote control or smartphone app control
  • 5 year warranty