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Somfy Solar Panel
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Somfy Solar Panel

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The Somfy WF Li-ion Solar Panel can be used for charging Somfy rechargeable batteries. The discrete panel harnesses solar power to recharge batteries that power your motorised blinds. It's convenient and minimises maintenance by reducing the number of chargings.  

The Somfy Solar Panel is easy to install and is simply mounted internally to the glass of the window. The Solar Panel can connect to both external Somfy lithium rechargeable batteries and built-in Somfy lithium rechargeable batteries.


Main Features:

  • Harnesses solar energy
  • Easy to install with limited wiring
  • Minimises maintenenance by reducing the number of chargings
  • Ideal for motorised blinds for skylights or hard to reach places
  • Dimensions 301mm length x 40mm width x 11mm depth

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