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Somfy Connexoon
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Somfy Connexoon Wifi Hub

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The Somfy Connexoon can be used to control any of the Somfy motors used in our motorised blinds via your smartphone. Simply connect the Connexoon to the internet and download the Connexoon app. The app has 3 main functions:

  • Home Mode (centralisation)to open and close the blinds
  • Timer to schedule opening and closing the blinds at particular times
  • Ambiance Replay stores the positions of your blinds to reproduce 'scenarios' in just one click

The Connexoon can also be used to control lights, garage doors and gates.

For more information download our Somfy Motor Controls Specification Comparison sheet and our Somfy Motor Control Options sheet.

Main Features

  • Controls electric blinds through smartphone app
  • Allows control of blinds from anywhere, anytime
  • Easy to install
  • Simple to programme
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