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Battery Powered Motor System - Somfy Rollup 28 RTS

Battery Powered Motor System - Somfy Rollup 28 RTS

Remote control roller blinds are perfect for the modern automated home or office and are essential for out of reach windows. They are also useful for enhancing child safety by eliminating the need for chains. You can add this option to any of our roller blinds.

Somfy WireFree Rollup 28 RTS - Battery Powered Motor System

The Somfy WireFree Rollup 28 RTS System is simple to install - there's no need for an electrician as there's no wiring required. There's also the added benefit of being able to install the system without disrupting the interior decoration.  

The system comprises a motor unit and radio receiver which are concealed within the tube of the roller blind. The motor will operate any of our roller blinds up to a maximum size of 4 square metres.  For larger sizes, we recommend using our transformer motor system.

The motor system can be controlled by the Somfy Telis 1 or Somfy Telis 4 handsets (sold separately). 

The motor system is powered by a battery tube which is simply mounted to the wall using clips. The battery tube can usually fit neatly behind the roller blind where it is hidden from view. You can choose between a reloadable battery tube or a rechargeable battery tube.  

Reloadable Battery Tube

The reloadable battery tube is supplied with 8 x AA Lithium disposable batteries. With typical usage, the batteries have a life expectancy of around one year. 

Rechargeable Battery Tube

The rechargeable battery tube is supplied with 10 x AA NiMH rechargeable batteries and a charger. To recharge the batteries, simply plug the charger into the battery tube - there's no need to disassemble the battery tube. 

Main Features

  • Remote control roller blinds powered by battery motor
  • Uses AA batteries
  • Simple to install - no mains wiring required
  • No disruption required to interior decoration
  • Operates blinds up to 4 square metres in size
  • Allows control of blinds at the touch of a button