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Blackout Pleated Blind - Free Hanging

Free Hanging
Customise your blind
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Maximum width x drop is 220cm x 260cm
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Inside Recess
China White
Standard screws (no charge)

Product Information

Pleated blinds are practical and economical and are often used in conjunction with tensioned pleated blinds in conservatories.

The fabric of the blind folds in a concertina design to give a compact stacking height so that you get maximum view out of your window when the blind is pulled up.

Pleated blinds have guide wires which run through the fabric and are attached with springs enclosed within the blind's headrail. This creates a very smooth operation when opening and closing the blind and allows the blind to be stopped at any desired position.

Our pleated blackout blinds block the light and create total privacy.

They are made with a white bottom bar with an integrated handle. 

Main Features:

  • Blackout fabric, keeps the light out
  • Small stacking height
  • Flame retardant - suitable for commercial use
  • High quality mechanism
  • Choice of screw pack included


Material Flame retardant blackout fabric 

Control Tensioned wire system

Headrail White steel with white plastic fittings

Maximum width 220cm

Maximum drop 260cm

Stacking height The 'stacking height' is the height of the blind when it is completely pulled up and the pleats are gathered together. The longer the drop, the greater number of pleats and therefore the greater the stacking height.

Free Hanging Pleated Blind Stacking Height 

Blind Drop (cm)           80    120    160    180    220    240    260

Stacking Height (cm)     4        6       8         9        11       12     13

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