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Joining Brackets

Joining Brackets


Joining brackets are available for all our roller blinds. When fitting blinds next to each other within the same window, joining brackets reduce the gap between the blinds to provide better window coverage and a professional finish.

There are two types of joining bracket - 'linked' or 'independent'. The linked version will couple the blinds together, so that only one of the blinds needs a control chain, whereas the independent version requires each blind to have a control chain.

You can join a run of blinds together using the joining brackets. For example, if you have a window with three blinds, you could have a 'linked' joining bracket between the first two blinds, controlled by a single chain control. The third blind could have an 'independent' joining bracket between the second and third blind, controlled by its own chain control. For more information, you can download our Information Sheet for Roller Blind Joining Brackets & Measuring.

Each metal joining bracket comes with screws and screw cap covers.

Joining brackets are suitable for 40mm top tubes only.

Please speak to us about this product before ordering online as we like to discuss your exact requirements.

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