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Measuring Guides

Measuring for new blinds is simple with our measuring guides. We've developed specific guides for each type of blind - simply download and follow the step by step guides. If you get stuck, just give us a call and our friendly expert team will be happy to help.


Bottom Up Blinds Measuring Guide

Metal Venetian Blinds Measuring Guide

Pleated Blinds Measuring Guide

Roller Blinds Measuring Guide

Roman Blinds Measuring Guide

Vertical Blinds Measuring Guide

Wood Venetian Blinds Measuring Guide


Send Your Photos

You can email us photos of your windows and we'll mark exactly where you need to measure from and to. This is a very popular approach and makes it really easy for you to see exactly what measurements are needed. Send your photos to info@theblindshop.com.


Book an Online Video Consultation

We can show you where to take the measurements for your windows during our video call (as well as show you products and answer any of your questions). It's just another way to make it easy for you to measure your windows with confidence! Book an appointment online here.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions about measuring, just give us a call or use the webchat below - our friendly expert team will be happy to help.