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We're proud to be part of the British design and manufacturing industry

Our Designs, Our Factory

The majority of our blinds are designed and made in our factory, near Brighton along the Sussex coast. We use custom made machinery and tools combined with traditional hand methods to create each bespoke blind. Our designs are based on creating modern, functional blinds. We focus on the details, from the sustainable kiln dried timber used in our slats, to the shape and feel of the toggles. You won't find frills or fussy details here, just simple design that works.  


High Quality

We only produce high quality blinds using the best materials and components. Many have cited the quality of our blinds to be better than that of John Lewis and we certainly feel we are in a different league to our competitors. We're meticulous in our production and quality control, ensuring every blind is thoroughly tested before being carefully packaged for dispatch. 


Unique Features

Here are just some of the features which set us apart from others:

  • Fabric that is cut using ultrasonic cutters to create an edge seal which prevents fraying - far superior to conventional blade cutting
  • Roller blinds made with metal chain controls and supplied with position stop devices that stop the blind from rolling past the desired point
  • Roller blinds made with bottom bars that are finished properly with end caps, not just dowels that can fall out 
  • Technical fabrics that have specific performance functions as well as looking good
  • Custom designed packaging to ensure your blinds are protected during transit